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 At ERG Strategies we believe in a “rising tide lifts all boats” approach to legalization. Because of this belief, we’re committed to collaboration, among all stakeholders, to build better cannabis markets. At ERG Strategies we work with businesses of all sizes, who share in this vision, to help them achieve their goals.

Government Relations

Having relationships with key stakeholders can position your business for success. ERG Strategies can help you build those collaborative and sustainable relationships with key stakeholders.


Products and services that promote equitable, responsible, and sustainable cannabis markets are needed now more than ever. If your business offers those products or services, ERG Strategies will be your advocate within key stakeholder groups.


Having timely information and analysis can provide a completive edge to your business. Our experience at ERG Strategies allows us to provide valuable insights of current and future events.


Smart policies can effectively advance a company’s interest. ERG Strategies can identify those policies, garner support from key stakeholders, and collaboratively shepherd them through the process.


Ensuring complaint operations can be difficult with patch work state policies and ever-changing regulations. ERG Strategies can help ensure your business in is compliance no matter the jurisdiction.

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