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ERG Strategies has been on the frontlines of legalization, from developing policy in the legislature, to serving as top cannabis regulator in state government. Navigating legalization at any level is complex and nuanced. We can help guide lawmakers and regulators through the numerous challenges they'll face because we’ve been through it before.


State laws and agency rules serve as the framework for state cannabis programs. Whether drafting legalization legislation, department bills or agency rules, ERG Strategies has the experience to guide you through this crucial process.


Proper technology and systems are crucial to running a high functioning regulatory agency. ERG Strategies can help implement new systems, refine current systems, recommend new technologies and educate on data collection practices to better inform agency initiatives. 

Best Practices

Over the years, states have developed policies that have proven effective. Best practices in licensing, tracking, packaging, labeling and any number of policy areas should serve as cornerstones of any regulatory system. ERG Strategies can help agencies incorporate these best practices into their own programs.


The public servants who administer cannabis programs are the most valuable resource. ERG Strategies can help design an agency and organization chart to ensure the right people, with the right skills, are in positions critical to the longer-term success of a regulator agency.


The early days are crucial to ensure long-term success. Whether scaling an agency, building new systems, or developing SOPs, ERG Strategies can assist in planning and guide your steps to avoid future setbacks.


Often time lawmakers or regulators simply need someone to call. An important decision, collaboration on strategy, a generic question. ERG Strategies can be that person to call. Whatever you’re experiencing, we’ve been there.

Governor Janet Mills

75th Governor of Maine

"Under Erik’s leadership, Maine set the benchmark for how states can establish responsible, sustainable, and transparent cannabis programs. States exploring legalization should seek out his knowledge and experience.”
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